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Insurance & Reimbursement

Many women who have had breast surgery are not aware that their insurance may cover the purchase of post-operative garments, pocketed bras and breast prostheses, also known as breast forms. Most medical insurance policies base their coverage on Medicare standards which usually cover these products for post-operative breast care patients. However, the product coverage and allowed amount is dependent on the region as defined by Medicare. 

If you are thinking “I don’t want a medical looking bra,”… the latest breast forms FROM Shawnte’s Sensual Solutions… which even equalizes temperaturel while making the skin feel pleasantly dry all day, every day.

Medicare guidelines deem the useful lifetime expectancy of a silicone breast form is two (2) years, and a non-silicone form has an expected lifetime of six (6) months. However, a breast form can be replaced at any time if it is lost, irreparably damaged (this does not include ordinary wear and tear), or if there is a change in the patient’s medical condition necessitating a different type of item. If the patient’s medical condition changes, it must be documented by the patient’s physician submitting a new prescription which explains the need for a different type of breast form.

  • The risks of complications are eliminated with the Shawnte Sensual Solutions Breast, and why. The risk of having implants as we all know really is not something that is safe, and cost effective. With this invention it takes the risk of having a surgery, in which you may not be satisfied with afterward, and still gives the women the ability to have the appearance of having full even breast. It also would be the women’s actual same size, and density, so many people would not even notice the difference in appearance.
  • The pads require a wired bra, in which correction is still needed. With this what changes?

Pads after any breast removal can be a challenge because the women is still trying to get use to her new image. With a prosthetic breast the getting use to shock factor that a patient goes through can be lessened, giving the women more security with her changes, as well as it can make the transition of having a breast removed easier to accept.

  • Is this invention available in all sizes, shapes, and colors?

Yes it is. what makes the difference in this invention is, to make every person their own sculpted, and fitted breast. It takes the actual breast of the women, and fits it to her body. No more uneven, pads that just bulk up, and pop out. As far as the colors, no matter what your shade is, there will be a shade that is close to yours. Another huge benefit for this invention is the women that have larger breast such as a C, D, DD, and beyond cup size are going to be able to receive breast though this invention. Many women make the decision is amputate both breast due to this problem. This would no longer be an issue for some women because of this invention.

  • Is this prosthetic waterproof, and how much water can the adhesive withstand?

Yes the prosthetic is waterproof. You can treat this breast just as you would your real breast if it were not removed. The adhesive as well is going to be able to withstand average sweat moisture that the body naturally produces. The adhesive even as effective as it is at holding the prosthetic in place, it is also completely washable, as well as hypoallergenic.   And yes, the Shawnte Sensual Solutions Breast will be able to withstand sweat. The medical adhesive would be able to hold off moisture.

  • What would be the average weight of the breast?

The average weight of a human breast is around 2 pounds or more. So for what we are doing here this question cannot be answered. For example if I am fitting a women with the cup size B, the average weight for that breast is 3-5 pounds. Clearly a women will be different by body type, and structure, so that is why the pounds per breast is such a wide range. So to conclude my example, the women that was a cup size C would be 1-2 pounds heavier than the average B cup breast, and it would all depend on your individual body. This is a body part that is formed for you. We are not here for an un-intimate order that you choose a size, color, and shape. Here at Solutions, we are all about you and your individual needs.

  • How often will I have to replace?

Once you have bought a prosthetic breast it is up to you how often you would want to replace. You might want to buy a few, or just one, that is a personal decision. What I do know is that nothing here would be a cheap quality, so that would not be a reason that you would have to replace. As long as you care for your prosthetic the way that you are supposed to, wear the appropriate bra, and proper maintenance you will not have to replace for some time.

  • Can any type of bra be worn with the prosthetic?

Any type of bra can be worn with your prosthetic, but is not preferred. Our bras will ensure that the prosthetic breast would be able to breath between the material, and the body. The bras that we will be able to supply you with will also be able to ensure proper fit, and maintenance with the prosthetic breast.

  • Is the prosthetic breast and adhesive hypoallergenic?

Everything that you will receive from the breast to the adhesive will be hypoallergenic. The materials for the breast itself is silicone, and made from the fines products. The adhesive is also made out of hypoallergenic material, being medical grade tape adhesive. So to answer this question yes everything that you will receive will be completely hypoallergenic.  To adhere the Shawnte Sensual Solutions Breast to the area we use Cyanoacrylates which is a surgical adhesive compounds that are used to close topical or minor lacerations. They are commonly used to close laparoscopic incisions and are much stronger than fibrin sealants and sutures. Cyanoacrylates are waterproof, flexible and require no dressing on the area.


  • Can I wear my breast to sleep, during an intimate encounter, or for my daily workouts?

I cannot give you a reason why you would not be able to do all of these things and more. Say you are about to have an intimate night with your lover. Allow him to explore all of your body with confidence. There is no need to stop your love session to remove our breast. Here at sensational solutions we encourage intimacy with your partner, and you’re prosthetic. This breast is a part of you. It will feel just like your own breast, so just as you will enjoy having both breast, your partner I’m sure will be more than comfortable with this experience as well.

The "SSS Charitable Scholarship"; for those who do not or cannot afford the associated cost for their personalized prosthetic, our focus in creating this product is not solely for financial gain, it was created to offer a better solution for women who are faced with the after math choices for post surgery solutions. Which is why we have incorporated our charitable pursuits around the participant not our Bottom Line...

What happens to your equilibrium after one of your breast is removed;

does it Alter Your Balance or Center of Gravity?