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Mastectomy / Lumpectomy

Traditionally, in the case of breast cancer, the whole breast is removed. Currently the decision to do the mastectomy is based on various factors including breast size, number of lesions and biological aggressiveness. After a mastectomy you are left with few alternatives to regain your femininity; pads, or foam bra's and in extreme cases breast implants, which can worsen your condition. Mastectomy Patients may have never had anything offered to them to fit their own individual form. The only things on the market so far are not natural looking, and they are not appealing to the person that is wearing them, let alone to anyone that they choose to be intimate with. The items that I have found on the market thus far are bulky, and have a very unnatural, uneven look and feel to them.

                            Why a Prosthetic Breast?

We at Shawnte's Sensual Solutions have a new approach for your life; after a mastectomy; Pads after any breast removal can be a challenge because the women is still trying to get use to her new image.

Shawnte's  Sensual Solutions Prosthetic Breast (SSSPB) lesson's the initial shock factor that a patient goes through  giving the women more confidence with her changes, as well as it can make the transition of having a breast removed easier to accept. Our Provisional Patent grants us the ability  to make a sculpted breast that is identical to the breast that is to be removed; a form fitted breast. We take the actual breast of the women prior to surgery and create a mold of the breast prior to  the mastectomy -- which allows us to match the color, texture, and size for a custom fit for her body. No more uneven, pads that just bulk up, and pop out, no foam that shrinks when it is exposed to moisture... 

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